Zira Spa

The Secret of Lanna.

Zira Spa, 1st in tripadvisor Ranking ,Top Choice Spa in Chiang Mai 2018 by Lonely Planet ,The winner “Superb Lanna Thai Massage”  award of Chiang Mai.

The unique ‘Siam Lanna’ treatment for beauty and body wellness spa, Free shuttle service and drop off, Located in old city Chiangmai, No service charge ,We service ,Signature Thai Massage, Aroma oil  Massage and etc.

Experience the aesthetic pleasure of relaxation “Siam Lanna” style at Zira Spa, Chiang Mai.

   Tracing back to the time when Old Lanna was approached by Siam and Chiang Mai was founded, novel ideas and knowledge from Siam were introduced and brought to attention of Lanna nobles.  Having their own cultural heritage and wisdom, nobles of Lanna gradually embraced the novel concepts and later discovered that by combining some novel ideas with that of their own, they could gain the utmost benefits for a better living.  Likewise, noble ladies of Lanna had learned to employ Siam’s wisdom of beauty care together with that of their own to acquire a marvelous ‘Siam Lanna’ treatment for beauty and body wellness with herbal skin care, unique massage techniques, and mineral water baths—the secrets of Royal Lanna, only known to some of its kind.

Zira Spa invites you to travel back to the old Lanna time and experience the  “passed-on from generations” secrets, the unique ‘Siam Lanna’ treatment for beauty and body wellness which will open up all your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch with aesthetic pleasure.  Come to discover the secrets of ‘Siam Lanna’ at Zira Spa.

体验清迈Zira Spa,泰国兰纳式美容休闲按摩服务。


在融合的时期,过去的传统技巧长远流传,再结合现代技巧的手法,时刻影响着泰国兰纳上层社会的生活方式 。为了美的创新,在接近的人群里寻找如何将其秘密传递的方法,所以才得到它具有独特的按摩方法补充了美容护肤教科书,并修改传统应用知识用自然的矿泉水冲泡是最好的美容学说。

随时间流逝,Zira Spa将带您重温泰国兰纳的光辉岁月,回到一个非常富有美感传统的日子。


所以,Zira Spa将是您最佳的选择!




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