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Zira Spa Story

Experience the aesthetic pleasure of relaxation "Siam Lanna" style at Zira Spa, Chiang Mai.

Tracing back to the time when Old Lanna was approached by Siam and Chiang Mai was founded, novel ideas and knowledge from Siam were introduced and brought to attention of Lanna nobles. Having their own cultural heritage and wisdom, nobles of Lanna gradually embraced the novel concepts and later discovered that by combining some novel ideas with that of their own, they could gain the utmost benefits for a better living. Likewise, noble ladies of Lanna had learned to employ Siam's wisdom of beauty care together with that of their own to acquire a marvelous 'Siam Lanna' treatment for beauty and body wellness with herbal skin care, unique massage techniques, and mineral water baths—the secrets of Royal Lanna, only known to some of its kind.

Zira Spa invites you to travel back to the old Lanna time and experience the "passed-on from generations" secrets, the unique 'Siam Lanna' treatment for beauty and body wellness which will open up all your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch with aesthetic pleasure. Come to discover the secrets of 'Siam Lanna' at Zira Spa