1. Do you have any treatment for pregnant women?

A: We don’t have treatment for pregnant women due to the Thailand Ministry of Public Health advised that pregnant women to avoid having Thai Traditional Massage as it is very not comfortable for the baby and the mother.

2. What is the difference between Aromatherapy Oil Massage and “Hot” Aromatherapy Oil Massage?.

A: The hot aroma oil will make you feel more relaxing, warm, and smooth on your skin while getting the massaging. The warm essential oil is more refreshing and the aromatherapy uplifts your senses and absorbs into your skin for deeper relaxation.

3. Do you have a shuttle service, is it free of charge?.

A: We have free shuttle service available for any spa purchase more than 1,500 baht/ Once. ( and within 5 km. from Spa , if more far that that will depend on distance rate)

4. Will elders or kids be able to get a massage.

A: We wouldn’t recommend elders aged above 60 to get a massage, especially elders with condition that needs to be careful such as, high blood pressure, gout and etc.  

And we also wouldn’t recommend kids aged below 10.

5. What is the most popular or the signature of Zira Spa?

A: Our signature is Royal Thai Lanna massage which employs the best of ancient Lanna Massage techniques that include finger pulling massage using bamboo woven tools to stretch you and release your tension.

6. Does the price include Tax/VAT and tip?

A: All price is the net price that already included Tax/Vat but you cannot refund it back. Gratuities to our staff's efforts are greatly appreciated. Feel free to give your therapist a gratuity if they have made your spa experience a special one. Tips can be given directly to the therapist or left at the front desk with the receptionist.

7. What is the difference between Traditional Thai and Royal Thai Lanna massage?

A: Thai traditional massage is performed with slow movements and covers the entire body and offers the deepest possible relaxation. energy lines are pressed and kneaded,  The Royal Thai Lanna Massage (Fon Leb) includes 1) body balance checking,  2) finger pulling by using a bamboo woven tool pulling your fingers to release tension,  3) hammer stroke massage “Tok Sen” on shoulders and legs, 4) Lastly, Thai Traditional herbal ball hot compress massage is performed on your abdomen to bring deeper relaxation and restore balance.

8. Do you accept credit cards, AliPay, etc., or only cash?

A: We have many alternative ways to pay for your convenience to pay for your spa treatment. We accept Visa, MasterCard for credit card payment, and we accept WeChat pay and AliPay too. PromptPay and bank transfer are also available at the spa.

9. Do you have any special discounts or hot promotions?

A: You can find information about special deals and hot promotions here on our website. You can also visit our Facebook official page for updates on new promotions, deals, or discounts.

10. I’m on my period can I take your treatment?

A: It’s absolutely fine if you’re feeling comfortable to get a massage or spa treatment, you can ask for spare sanitary pads if you like and we also have underpants to change.

11. Do you have another branch in Chiang Mai or outside?

A: Currently, Zira Spa has only one branch in heart of Chiang Mai city.

12. How to make a reservation?

A: You can make a reseravation via email should be 3 day in advance at zira.secret@gmail.com

A: Another way you can contact us via facebook page Zira Spa or call + 66 53 222 288